• The New Bmw Series Press Bmwgroup Com

    BMW is sharpening the profile of its flagship models in the luxury segment. The new edition of the BMW Series makes a clear statement of intent with its confident presence, sophisticated elegance and strikingly innovative control operation, driver assistance and connectivity technology..

  • The All New Bmw Series Design G Youtube

    The all new BMW Series is one of the first BMW that embo.s the new design language. In this clip, we’ll explore aspects such as the newly designed kidney grill or the reinterpreted Hofmeister .

  • New Series Touring And Saloon Car Magazine

    It can’t be long until we see the new BMW series Touring we keep papping the estate car and the disguise is definitely being cast away in the run up to launch. These new spy photos of the er .

  • The New Bmw Series Sedan Press Bmwgroup Com

    The new BMW Series Sedan therefore has all the tools it needs to continue the remarkable success recorded by its predecessors around . million BMW Series cars were sold across its first six generations. “The seventh generation of the BMW Series points the way into the future, as we have.

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