• Audi Rs Wikipedia

    The Audi RS quattro, commonly referred to as the RS, is a sports focused executive car, produced by the high performance subsidiary company Audi Sport GmbH, for Audi .

  • Audi A Wikipedia

    The Audi S was released in coup form to the public at the same time as the A. The Audi S, in comparison to the A, features a different fascia as do most Audi S and RS models , including a string of LED daytime running lights around the bi Xenon headlamps and a vertically striped chrome grille..

  • Isham Research

    Ways and types of Audi car tuning Pros and cons of the Piggyback ECU What is Remapping? All about ECU Remapping All you need to know about today’s Audi tuning.

  • Audi R Parts And Accessories Automotive Amazon Com

    Supercars are generally defined by their engines and the Audi R is no different. The .L V engine has been given some upgrades for the model year and the result is hp and lb ft of torque..

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